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The Oil Injection Method allows bearings and other components with an interference fit to be fitted in a safe, controllable and rapid manner. The method does not require keyways to be machined on the shaft, saving valuable time and money in materials and production. Interference fits (also known as shrink fits) have long been recognised for their reliability in transmitting large torsional loads. Very often, interference fits offer the only solution when connecting hubs to shafts with intermittent or fluctuating loads. Its easy, quick and effortless bearing dismounting . When using the Oil Injection Method, the mating surfaces are separated by a thin film of oil injected under high pressure, thereby virtually eliminating the friction between them. The method is versatile as it can be used for dismounting bearings and other components mounted on either cylindrical or tapered seatings. When dismounting bearings mounted on cylindrical seatings, the injected oil can reduce the required pulling forces by up to 90%. Subsequently, the physical effort required when using a puller to remove the bearing from its seating is significantly reduced. When using the SKF Oil Injection Method to dismount bearings mounted on tapered seatings, the interference fit is completely overcome by the injected oil. The bearing is then ejected from the seating with great force, making the use of a puller unnecessary. In this case, a stop-nut must be used to control the ejection of the bearing. The SKF Oil Injection Method, which is used for many bearing applications, can also be used in other applications.

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226400 E  SKF oil injector kit226400 E SKF oil injector kitDelivery 7-10 Days
728619 E SKF hydraulic pump 150MPa728619 E SKF hydraulic pump 150MPaDelivery 7-10 Days
729101SKF oil injection kit 300MPa729101SKF oil injection kit 300MPaDiscontinued
729101SKF oil injection kit 400MPa729101SKF oil injection kit 400MPaDiscontinued
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729124 SKF hydraulic pump 100MPa729124 SKF hydraulic pump 100MPaDelivery 7-10 Days
THKI 300 SKF oil injection set 300MPaTHKI 300 SKF oil injection set 300MPaDiscontinued
THKI 400 SKF oil injection set 400MPaTHKI 400 SKF oil injection set 400MPaDiscontinued
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TMJL 100 SKF hydraulic pump 100MPaTMJL 100 SKF hydraulic pump 100MPaDelivery 7-10 Days

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