Electric motor bearing grease

SKF LGHQ 2 is a mineral oil based grease using a di-urea thickener. It is suitable for electric motors and similar applications. It is specifically designed for usage with single point lubricators.

Features & benefits

  • Excellent dispensability in lubricators
  • Extremely long grease life
  • Wide temperature range
  • High thermal and mechanical stability
  • Excellent corrosion protection

Typical applications

  • Electric motors: Small, medium and large
  • Industrial fans, including high speed fans
  • Water pumps
  • Rolling bearings in textile, paper processing and drying machines
  • Vertical shaft applications

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SKF Ultrasonic sensor improves maintenance practices when re-lubricating bearings

Ultrasonic device raises accuracy
 of re-lubrication

SKF’s Ultrasound Lubrication Checker fits to a grease gun and helps technicians to re-lubricate bearings with high accuracy – avoiding both over- and under-lubrication. 

A unique ultrasonic device, it ‘listens’ to the sound of grease filling a bearing, makes the re-lubrication process more accurate and effective. 

By overcoming problems associated with over- or under-lubrication, the Ultrasound Lubrication Checker TLGU 10 from SKF can help to extend bearing lifetime.

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Gates QUAD-POWER 4 V-belt


Looking for a way to cut back on belt replacements and deliver a higher performance? 

Aiming for more efficiency and less downtime? 

Discover the new Gates Quad-Power 4 V-belt, the industry‘s first bandless zero-maintenance V-belt. Unlike conventional belts, the Quad-Power 4 V-belt does not suffer from severe tension decay in the first hours after installation. So no run-in period or re-tensioning is required. A groundbreaking innovation.

Groundbreaking technology

Gates Quad-Power 4 V-belts are constructed with the most advanced technology available today. Our new generation of EPDM belts are designed for longer service life eliminating costly downtime for re-tensioning, repair and replacement.

Minimal-elongation polyester tensile cords

for stable tension over the entire lifetime

Blue adhesion layer

for an extra strong bonding of the tensile cords and the rubber compound

Optimized notch form

for reduced bending stress and improved efficiency

New generation EPDM rubber compound

for a long service life and a wear-resistant belt under extreme temperatures


Discover all Quad-Power 4 benefits

The use of advanced-design and minimal-stretch cord technology have led to a new generation of raw edge V-belts that outperform all similarly sized belts in a wide range of applications. Check the benefits, for more convenience and peace-of-mind.

Service-free V-belt available in every popular size as single belt. No matching required

Gates PowerGrip GT4


If you are familiar with our PowerGrip family, you’ll be happy to hear that we are launching a new, high-torque member that is right at home in heavy-duty industrial environments driving pumps, conveyor systems and other machinery: the PowerGrip GT4 belt, which can serve as a drop-in replacement for previous-generation GT3™ applications. If our PowerGrip™ range does not yet ring a bell and you’re perhaps still using roller chains, now is the perfect time to switch from a high-maintenance chain to a high-performance belt. 



For the design of the new PowerGrip GT4 belt, we have replaced chloroprene (a material that has performance limitations) with a special EE formulation that has everything going for it.

Sealed SRB with seals

Small sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings with improved performance

With a new design that results in up to 50% less seal friction and as much as 20% less total bearing friction, these bearings reduce operating temperature by as much as 20 °C. As a result of longer lubricant life, they can be considered relubrication-free, reducing maintenance costs. In addition, they have double the limiting speed rating of previous SKF bearings, making them ideal for a wider range of applications.

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SKF Three-barrier Solution

Increase conveyor up-time with three times the bearing service life

In mining and cement and aggregate operations, conveyor pulleys with open bearings live a tough life, coping with heavy loads while exposed to dirt and high-pressure washdowns. Ingress of dirt and loss of grease lead to insufficient bearing lubrication and indentations in the bearing raceways. The result is frequent conveyor breakdowns and weekly re-greasing. In eight out of ten mining plants, conveyor availability is less than 87%.

The upgraded SKF Three-barrier solution has an average lifetime three times longer than an open bearing. The result is fewer conveyor pulley bearing breakdowns and longer maintenance intervals – delivering up to 92% availability. This allows for planned maintenance of conveyor pulleys to be timed with lagging replacement. The upgraded SKF Three-barrier solution also means re-greasing is needed only twice a year instead of once a week, saving up to 90% of the time and cost of greasing (up to 99.9% if not purged). It also delivers increased safety for maintenance workers.

  • 3 x longer MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)
  • Up to 92% conveyor up-time
  • Up to 90% less grease used
  • Up to 99.9% less grease if not purged
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increased safety

Barrier 1 SKF mining-specific housing with SKF Taconite sealing or other contact seal

Barrier 2 Housing cavity grease (SKF recommends SKF LGGB 2 biodegradable grease) 

Barrier 3 Sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearing

Upgraded for twice the service life

All SKF spherical roller bearings have been upgraded to the new SKF Explorer performance class specifications, featuring a combination of high-quality steel and an improved heat treatment process. The result? A superior balance between hardness and toughness, enabling up to twice the service life as the original SKF Explorer.

A true story about belts’ extreme durability:
cycling 17,700 kilometres on 1 Gates Carbon Drive

Today’s story is about a bicycle belt rather than an industrial belt. Yet both share the same advantage: they are much more durable than their traditional, greasy counterparts. Get inspired by an adventurer’s love for his Gates Carbon Drive belt.

An intrepid traveller and his loyal companion

In 2013, Reza Pakravan, a cyclist who ranks among the world’s most seasoned travellers, pedalled from Norway to South Africa accompanied by just one Gates belt. That’s  17,700 kilometres rife with challenges such as rough and bumpy roads, different climate zones and weather conditions and extreme humidity.

As if that were not enough, Reza also cycled the length of the Trans-Amazonian Highway, through the jungle and over the Andes, again relying on his faithful Gates belt. Reza’s enthusiasm about Gates Carbon Drive – no maintenance, cleaning or lubrication required! – infected his travel companion, journalist Philippa Stewart, who was delighted that she “did not have to touch her Gates belt once” on her cycle ride with Reza.


Belt or chain? That isn’t really a question!

While Gates Carbon Drive can obviously not be used to drive bucket elevators, vertical lift systems, shaker tables and other industrial applications, Gates Poly Chain® belts can, and both systems have the same advantages:

  • they are completely maintenance-free
  • they last longer than chains
  • they don’t need lubricating
  • they will never rust
  • they are extremely strong.

Visit the Gates Carbon Drive website for more inspirational stories or discover straightaway what Poly Chain® belts can do for you.



NTN-SNR unveils with the French vehicle manufacturer, LAZARETH, the world’s first flying electric motorcycle, the LMV 496

For the third time, an innovative project brings together the two companies from the Rhône-Alpes region. The challenge is to design and build a motorcycle that can fly. The wheels fold out and the turbines positioned at the centre of each wheel enable the motorcycle to take off. NTN-SNR took up the challenge posed by a wheel-mounting design that allows the suspension arm to rotate and four engines to be inserted into the centre of each wheel. This world exclusive was unveiled at the party organised to celebrate the 20th anniversary of LAZARETH, held on 31 January 2019 in Annecy-le-Vieux.

The LMV 496: an exceptional project and a technical challenge

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, LAZARETH, the vehicle manufacturer, took on an unprecedented and extraordinary challenge. It decided to build the first flying electric motorcycle, the LMV 496. Ludovic Lazareth naturally turned to NTN-SNR for assistance during this highly technical project. In order to develop this innovation, the entire design of the wheels and the bearings had to be reconsidered and an integrated solution put forward. The project concerns a tilting electric motorcycle whose two front and two rear wheels are twinned. While the motorcycle is in motion, the wheels fold out thanks to very specific kinematics and the motorcycle takes off, powered by four turbines positioned in the centre of each wheel. This unique model was unveiled to the public at the company's anniversary celebrations held on 31 January 2019 at Espace Rencontre in Annecy-le-Vieux.

100% NTN-SNR design and production

NTN-SNR teams were very much involved in and made a huge contribution to this project. Over a period of three months, an application engineer and a designer worked on this subject. The execution phase then began. At the beginning of December 2018, all four bearings were delivered to LAZARETH.

The challenge faced by NTN-SNR and LAZARETH was to place the engine turbines at the centre of the wheel – a space initially meant for the bearings. Vincent Pourroy Solari, NTN-SNR Innovation Manager explains: “LAZARETH gave us the scale model and the 3D files for the flying motorcycle’s chassis. With these elements, we studied and designed the wheel hubs, the wheel bearings, the engine mounts, the wheel mounts, as well as the arm joints so that the wheels can fold out when the motorcycle takes off. The main challenge was to reduce the weight so that the thrust of the four turbines enables the motorcycle to take off, while leaving room for the turbine in the centre of the wheel.”

In addition, the study covered the dimensions of the wheel bearings and joint bearings. It was also necessary to calculate (using the finite element method (FEM)) the deformation and constraint forces of all of the parts to validate mechanical performance in light of external stress (overheating of the turbine, management of stress from the ground and in flight, etc.). Finally, keeping the solution as light as possible was key: it could not weigh more than 2.2 kg per wheel.

NTN-SNR: a turnkey solution, technology packed into 2.2 kg

Technical characteristics:

  • Bearing solution that enables the turbine to be integrated into the centre of the wheel.
  • Ball bearing with four points of contact and a 240-mm pitch diameter.
  • “Serrated” bearing housing to optimise the guidance of the rolling elements while in motion and to ensure optimal weight.
  • Weight of the solution: 2.2 kg per wheel (with the attachments and attachment points)
  • Bearing equipped with a deflector to protect against external pollution.
  • 3D printing used to manufacture the key parts of the integrated solution.

The LMV 496 – the first flying electric motorcycle

  • Tilting motorcycle: the two front and rear wheels are twinned Total weight of the vehicle: 150 kg
  • Wheel: each fitted with a 5-kg turbine that provides 55 kg of thrust/li>
  • Motorization: electric motor
  • Range: 100 km

NTN-SNR and LAZARETH, a long-standing partnership

“Cooperation between the two companies began in 2013 with a project regarding an urban vehicle fitted with 4-kW engines, the Too’in. Our two companies are just as keen to work on these innovative projects,” notes Ludovic Lazareth.

The partnership continued in 2015. LAZARETH decided to launch an electric version of its well-known sports tricycle, the WAZUMA. NTN-SNR supplied the project’s wheel-motor technology. The E-Wazuma is equipped with two 30-kW electric wheel motors located in the rear twin wheels. “Working with Ludovic Lazareth on his emblematic vehicles is always a formidable challenge. It is also another opportunity for NTN-SNR to think outside the box, and that is what innovation is all about.” concludes Vincent Pourroy-Solari.



SKF New chassis grease LGLS 2

LGLS 2, NLGI 2 grade chassis grease, can offer excellent water resistance and stickiness to surfaces as well as very good anti-wear properties to your customers. This makes it a good solution for applications such as construction equipment, heavy duty off-road applications (such as excavators or wheel loaders), forestry and agricultural equipment (such as forwarders and harvesters), collector trucks, joints and slow plain and rolling bearings. LGLS 2 is mainly suitable for use via lubrication systems and comes in 18 kg and 180 kg pack sizes.

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A portable solution for bearing heating

The SKF portable induction heater TWIM 15 is designed to heat up roller bearings that are mounted with an interference fit onto a shaft. Heating the bearing causes it to expand, which eliminates the need to use force during installation. Generally, using the TWIM 15 to generate a 90 C (162 F) temperature difference between the bearing and shaft is sufficient to enable installation. In addition, the TWIM 15 can be used to heat other ring-shaped, metallic components, providing flexibility of use.

Utilizing electrical power, the TWIM 15 features glass-fiber, high-temperature-resistant plastic construction that allows a low temperature difference between the inner and outer rings of the bearing. This helps to reduce internal tensions that are generated due to excessive thermal expansion of the inner ring compared to the outer ring.

The unit has a user-friendly LED control panel that requires no special training and is simple to understand. The panel is used to regulate temperature and also indicates that the TWIM 15 is operational.

TWIM 15 advantages:

  • Innovative heating of bearings
  • Portable, compact and lightweight
  • Automatic temperature monitoring
  • No support yokes required
  • Detects bearing size and heats appropriately
  • Two power levels and three power configurations
  • User-friendly LED control panel
  • Quiet operation

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