14MGTV-1190-37 Gates Polychain Carbon Volt 9239-05085


  • 14mm

  • 1190mm

  • 37mm


Through their design and inherent characteristics, Poly Chain Carbon Volt belts offer greater power capacity, compactness and increased flexibility than any timing belt before. The improved capacity of the belt makes it possible to pack a lot of power into a small space: smaller drives, a shorter shaft and less total weight help to reduce the energy costs. Strength, flexibility, durability and reliability are all vital qualities in the field of power transmission. With Poly Chain Carbon Volt belts, you can be confident that all these are guaranteed. The belt consists of a tough, lightweight polyurethane compound with carbon tensile cord. The carbon fibre reinforcement provides high strength and length stability with improved shock load and fatigue resistance, while reducing stretch and increasing flexibility. The new facing covering the teeth is a black-jacket nylon fabric that gives the necessary static-conductivity to the belt. Another factor to consider are the savings in maintenance costs Volt belts offer. The considerably longer lifetime reduces the total number of belt replacements over the years, lowering the overall belt acquisition cost. The labour cost diminishes drastically as well, especially for applications that are hard to service (e.g. air-cooled heat exchangers in refineries).

14MGTV-1190-37 VOLT

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